About Me


I’m a digital marketing professional with a wide variety of interests. When I was in high school, I was introduced to photography via a series of courses that revolved  around film cameras. I don’t shoot or develop black and white film anymore, but I’ve been taking photos in my spare time ever since. Cars are another passion of mine. I enjoy the challenge of working on them, and the historic value of automotive designs which represent the eras they stemmed from. Organizing day trips is fun too. I like to plan the route and do the driving. An intriguing museum or restaurant is always a good reason to head off in that general direction and see what else you and your friends can find along the way.

I document the highlights of those adventures with a DLSR or phone camera and share them on my car blog,  which is something I’d like to integrate into my career. Marketing to enthusiast communities through social media offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage with eager audiences who genuinely want to learn more about their products. Figuring out what kind of content excites those communities and then utilizing that information to construct an effective posting strategy is the crux of the matter. I enjoy working my way through those processes and for that reason, would love to be at the helm of a company’s social media marketing strategy at some point. That being said, for now, I’m focusing on learning everything I can about digital marketing and social media strategy.